Brooke Blackmon Dance Award

A $250 Bursary in memoriam of Brooke Blackmon will be awarded to a student in their final year at Dryden High School. The recipient of the award must demonstrate leadership qualities, has made valuable contributions to dance in our community, has a love of dance, and be continuing into a post-secondary institution. Preference will be given to a student who has belonged to a dance studio. **Replacing the 3rd page of the DHS Application an additional component is required, please submit one of the following: video, essay, poem, slideshow, collage etc. demonstrating education goals and love of dance (2 minute max). Payment will be made upon receipt of confirmation of registration in September but can be deferred no longer than year.

Application to be used:  Please use the DHS Application           **Instead of page 3 of the  DHS Application: See Write-up

Deadline – Applications must be received by:  5/15/2021

Deferrable:  Up to 1 Year

Include Transcript:  No

 Send an email to:          

The deadline to apply is March 31, 2021 at 7:00 PM CST.

You can do a lot with a little financial help

Post-secondary education is an expensive endeavor—especially for students impacted by the loss of a parent or guardian with little to no insurance coverage. The emotional and financial stress during this time can be devastating and hinder the dream to pursue post-secondary education.

That’s why Manulife has collaborated with Life Happens, a U.S. nonprofit organization that helps students pay for their education through the Life Lessons Scholarship Program.

What is the Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship program?

Manulife has introduced the first Life Lessons Scholarship Program in Canada, for students who’ve experienced the death of a parent or guardian with little to no life insurance. The Scholarship Program helps combat the financial burden of paying for post-secondary education during an emotional time and recognizes the perseverance that so many youth show in such adversity.

The Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship Program is committed to student success and helps support students financially, making the decision to attend and finish a college, university or trade school program a little easier.

Are you a current, or soon-to-be post-secondary student looking for financial support? Take a moment to listen to the life lessons of some of our past recipients and find out more about how you can qualify and apply for a scholarship.

Entrance Award Scholarship Application Now Open   Dalhousie awards more than 2000 scholarships and bursaries to your students every year through our Entrance Award application each year. These awards range from $500- $41,900 are available for students starting in their first year.

Entrance awards are based on more than just your student’s academic achievements. Dalhousie also offers awards for your student’s leadership and extracurricular involvement, community service, financial need and cultural identity. All students are encouraged to apply!

Below we’ve included some of the most frequently asked questions about entrance awards to get your students started:

1. What is the minimum eligibility to receive an entrance award?

To be considered, your students must be entering Dalhousie directly from high school. Typically, they need an 80% admission average or 26 predicted IB Diploma points. However, if they are able to demonstrate financial need you may still be considered for an award.

2. How do your students apply for entrance awards?

How students apply depends on whether they’ve already been accepted into a Dalhousie program or if they’re still waiting on your admission decision. For more information refer your students to and follow the steps listed under How to apply.

3. When is the deadline to apply for entrance awards?

To be considered for entrance awards students must submit both their application
for admission and your entrance award application before March 1.

4. Are there funding opportunities available after first year?

Yes. If students are studying at one of Dalhousie’s Halifax campuses they will automatically be considered for in-course scholarships every year if they do not hold a renewable scholarship. If they’re studying at the Agricultural Campus in Truro, N.S., they must apply for in-course awards each September. Bursaries are also available to students through our Bursary Program to provide funds to assist students in financial need.   We have just launched our new Tuition Fee Calculator to allow students a better estimate of how much their Dalhousie education will cost for a year.   If you have any questions about entrance awards or bursaries, connect with the Awards Office by emailing

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There is currently over 7 Million Dollars worth of scholarships that are open for applications on ScholarTree! Once students complete their profile they will be matched to all of the awards that they qualify for. We know many people have been negatively affected financially this year so we wanted to create a short presentation about where students can find scholarships and provide some tips to improve their scholarship application. 
Access the presentation here:
Scholarship Advice
A handful of the larger scholarships are available right at the start of the school year, so we encourage students to start applying right away.
Here are a couple of significant scholarships that are available now:
And blogs of how students have won these scholarships in the past:
The 6 Most Common Mistakes When Applying to Scholarships
How to Win the TD Scholarship for Community Leadership
How to WIN the Loran Scholarship